Watch Services & Maintenance

On Time Watch Services (OTWS) offers a wide range of services geared to the repair, maintenance and upkeep of timepieces.
Our experienced watchmakers are highly skilled experts in their field and we guarantee exceptional service.
Our most popular services are listed below, but feel free to contact us for any timepiece concerns…

Watch Brands

Tag Heuer
Mont Blanc
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Watch Repairs

Watch Repairs - Luxury Watch Brand Approved

Repair Faulty Watches

We offer professional watch repair services with our qualified watchmakers doing the repairs within our on-site workshop in Milnerton, Cape Town.

Our specialist watchmakers are trained to examine and evaluate your timepiece and will do everything they can to repair your watch.

Older model watches may be returned to the manufacturer for repair.

We Repair ALL Watch Brands & Types!

Estimates provided within 3 working days.


Watch Servicing and Maintenance should be carried out on a luxury watch every 3-5 years to keep it running smoothly.

A luxury watch comprises 150+ miniature components all of which need to work in perfect harmony to keep your timepiece accurate and functional.

Watch Servicing includes:

Cleaning and polishing of all parts, lubricating and re-setting of mechanisms, replacing parts and resealing or pressure testing where necessary.

Estimates are provided within 3 working days.

Watch Servicing

Servicing of most watch brands in Cape Town

Battery Replacements

Battery replacement and resealing of watches

Battery Change And Resealing

Watch battery replacement is a complex process that is best undertaken by a professional watchmaker/repairer.

Without the right tools and experience any disruption to the components within your watch while changing a battery can damage its functionality.

Only premium quality energy cells used eg. Renata and Energiser. Where required, watches are resealed and pressure tested.

We also clean the casing and strap!

Resealing & Pressure Testing

Many watches are water resistant, but no watch is truly waterproof. Our watchmakers will test your watch for potential leaks and its ability to maintain the manufacturer’s original pressure standards. Specialist testing equipment used onsite!

Watch Restoration Service

We take pride in restoring your watch to look as good as new. The case is carefully buffed and polished to remove the surface scratches.

The metal strap undergoes the same treatment after it is ultrasonically cleaned to ensure best possible results.

It is sometimes necessary to replace certain parts, such as the crown or bezel, to complete the process to manufacturers specifications.

Watch Glass Replacement

Watch glasses come in many shapes, sizes and thickness and if your glass requires a bit of attention, we can provide assistance in finding the right replacement for you.

Watch Refurbishment

Restrore your watch to it's original condition

Strap Repairs

Repair or replace your watch strap / bracelet

Strap & Bracelet Repairs

Give your watch a facelift by simply updating or replacing the strap. Choose from our range of Leather, Canvas or Expandable Straps or go with a Stainless Steel Bracelet.

We also repair, resize and replace straps, bracelets and clasps.

Bracelet Refurbishment

Restore your bracelet to its original condition.

Inquire about our bracelet refurbishment service which is available for specialist metal bracelets in polished or satin finish. Pins are replaced when required.

Watch Validation Service

It is becoming more difficult to discern authentic from counterfeit timepieces due to the increased visual quality within the counterfeit market. Our watchmakers are qualified to establish the authenticity of your timepiece.

Watch Authentication Process

During the authentication process, our watchmaker will carefully open the timepiece, paying careful attention to its movement, dial, serial number and other parts in order to establish authenticity.

Watch Authentication

Check if your timepiece is an original

Clock Repairs

Clock Maintenance and Repairs

Clock Maintenance And Repairs

To ensure the longevity of your mechanical timepiece, it is advisable to have it serviced regularly by a qualified watchmaker.

The servicing of a mechanical clock requires dismantling the mechanism and performing a thorough cleaning of all the parts. The mainsprings are removed from the barrels and cleaned, the pivots and bushes are checked, cleaned and polished.

The mechanism is reassembled and oiled and all the working functions are checked. Adjustments and regulating is then carried out to ensure proper timekeeping.

Clock repairs undergo a similar process, with the inclusion of replacing faulty or broken parts where necessary.

Note: Quartz clocks generally require the movement to be replaced.

Our skilled in-house watchmakers can examine and advise you of the service or repair recommendations and related costs estimates.

Clock servicing should be carried out every 5 to 10 years per the manufacturers recommendation, to reduce ‘wear and tear’ of parts.